Saturday, June 25, 2016

Oregon Coast Day

All wrapped up in the Octopus tentacle

OhMyGosh! What's that?!?!

Bunch O' Stevensons

♪♫ Look Down! Look Down! ♫♪

Almost didn't make it out of there alive!
So much fun visiting the coast with Grandma and Grandpa Templeman today. I can't even wrap my mind around the idea that they wanted to spend the day together after how often they already see us - including extra babysitting this last week. I must be either really cute or really pitiful ;-)

Just chillin' in his invisible chair

Every day I get on her case for being "too cute". I demand she cease immediately. I threaten. I shake my finger at her. Not only does she completely disobey my order, she makes it even worse by smiling and laughing about it. Don't know what I'm going to do with her.

Wind blown hair. It's a really problem when you're Mr. Goldilocks

Kieran's pants got wet so I helped him out of them. I was getting some shorts out of the bag but he had other ideas. It started as just this:

But quickly progressed to this:

Kieran apparently mistook this Oregon beach for one in Europe

Perfect kite flying weather. Too good. I had the darndest time bringing this sucker back down.

At Ona Beach, which I'd never been to until today, there's this sweet driftwood hut sitting there. And it was in pristine shape. No trash, no graffiti, no etchings (except for my boys drawing their initials on the sand-covered stump). Lovely place to sit and rest from the increasingly chilly wind.

Selfies with all the kids. I like to think that someday when I'm dead and gone, my children will cherish pictures of them with their mother. It probably won't happen before that though. ;-)

He couldn't be bothered to smile - too busy tasting the sand

I go back and forth on these green pants, Kelly. I suspect that when the winds of fashion blow on, these are the type of thing we'll look back on and we'll all cringe at what "Mom used to wear". That, and I'm just not convinced I can pull off such a strong color. And yet, I kind of like trying.

 I got bored just sitting there in the wind so I turned to selfies. Tee hee.  We were alone at the edge of the beach here, so no people watching, and we never made it past the creek to the ocean itself.
Captain Underpants (hey, it was literally "better than nothing")

Trying to redo the shot of me and Hollyn, but this mysterious goateed man wouldn't leave

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Kelly said...

Looks like such a fun day! I feel the same way about the green pants. You have to be in the right mood. They look cute on you!!