Monday, April 25, 2016

Three years ago I was called as our ward YW camp director. I accepted, then added, "oh wait, I'm pregnant BTW. Due just before camp." So I didn't actually go, having a 2-week old and all. I'd also been pretty overwhelmed with the calling because I hadn't been to camp since I was about 15. I hardly remembered it, let alone knew what was going on these days. I'd also been called late - after leader meetings had already taken place so it felt uncomfortable to not know what I didn't know.

The following year was trek, so no camp. The next year, which was last spring, I was still serving as mia maid advisor and was released from the camp director calling and passed the baton on to a gal who was... yep. Pregnant! Hahaha. So she didn't go since she had a newborn by then. I did, however, attend as a tent mom. Our ward was pretty leaderless as all us tent moms were asked last minute when the others plans fell through, and that made it slightly more tricky for both us and the stake leaders. None of us moms had been to any planning meetings or had proper authority.

Yesterday at church I was extended the calling of being the ward camp director again. I'll be getting the baton BACK from the gal I gave it to, who has still never even been to camp herself. My calling comes late in the game, again. Some day I'd like to be there at the first meetings instead of playing catch-up.

I'm pretty excited though. First of all, I LOVED being there last year. I'd expressed interest in going again this year and asked for that week off of work already just in case. Months later not hearing anything I'd started thinking about alternate things to do that week. Back to plan a! Secondly, I'm glad for the redo opportunity at this calling that overwhelmed me so much before. Now I remember and have a better idea of camp itself and what goes on there. I'm excited to try to do my calling better than I did last time. (Activity days is another calling I feel like I sucked at, and know I could do MUCH better now that I own basic craft supplies, understand what the Faith in God program is, have a vehicle, know how to have a baby without going into hiding for 3 months, and have access to Pinterest ;-) )

My other calling continues as relief society activities committee member.

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Kelly said...

That's so exciting! When is camp for you? Be sure you call your stake camp director and get her to catch you all up!!