Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fall Fun

 Took some pictures of Kieran while trying to keep him occupied during the other kids' swimming lessons. I love his sweet chubby cheeks!
 The audio on my laptop is broken, so I have no idea if the above video plays and/or gives sound.
 "It's Mommy!"
 Hey! It's ME!
 Kieran and Cousin B had fun watering Grandma's plants.

 She was all ready to go to Grandma's. It was 8am.

 Here's how she slept the night before. I love 4 year olds.

 Are you ever curious what you look like laying down. Usually I laugh and/or cry at the attempts to see what I really look like from that angle. But hey, this one isn't so bad. Maybe there's hope for me after all.

 Neighbor Sawyer dressing up with Hollyn.

 And showing a little leg.

 We enjoyed viewing the blood moon eclipse. We couldn't see past the trees in our backyard area, so we hopped in the car and drove up a hill just up the road (ha! Get it?) from us. Turns out some neighbor/ward friends had the same idea, among many others, as well as the ward friends who live on the other side of the road who joined us. It was quite the party. :-)

 Sometimes when life is hard, you end up living on pie. Put the kids to bed, turn on Gilmore Girls, and dig in. And I'm not even ashamed. That pie was gone shortly after this picture and it was worth it.

 Toothless. This was the day, as we discussed how weird it is that no adult teeth are showing up despite it being months since the baby teeth fell out, that I suggested to Asher he should rub dirt on his gums and go stand outside with his mouth open to get some sun. Anything to help those teeth grow, right? Asher was skeptical, saying he doesn't think it works that way. But I told him, "My Dad's a Dentist, I'm an expert in these things."

 Hollyn in the ambulance. So, at the back-to-school "Block Party" at our elementary school, there were firetrucks, police cars, and the ambulance. With no prompting, Hollyn climbed up and totally played the part. Someone give this girl an Oscar!

 Kieran was rather a fan of the big trucks.

Showing off his fangs. Seemed appropriate to leave the red-eye.

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Kelly said...

totes adorbs. And way to go on the pie. I am proud.