Friday, July 25, 2014

Ikea Whaaaaat?

Mom and I wanted to go to Ikea.  Since Hollyn had an eye appt in Portland already, we figured it would be a good day to do that as well.  And because I knew my boys love the playland at Ikea I brought all the kids along.  But things never go quite as you expect, do they?

Hollyn's appt ran very late and long.  But that was o.k.  It was also the first time the other kids had come and when they realized that the tram ran right up next to our building, well we had to ride it of course!  We got a little off course trying to find the tram's loading platform and wandered through all sorts of levels of an OHSU hospital, including the laundry room! (And that was following the signs/directions.) But we found it and rode it.  I've been wanting to do that for a while now, so I can officially check that off my bucket list.

 View over the river from one tram while the other passes in the opposite direction.

It was rush hour traffic when finished that and we could see it didn't look good in Ikea's direction.  Plus we were all hungry so it seemed like the perfect time to stuff ourselves at olive garden.  Asher walked in and straight up to the greeter/host and jumbled out something about their name being olive garden and does that mean they have a lot of olives.  Somehow his questions worked it so that we were brought endless olives to go along with our endless breadsticks.  He even got his very own personal bowl of them.  Hahaha.  I love that kid.

The clock was ticking but I checked Ikea's hours and they don't close until 9.  It was about 5:30 so we should be fine even after the additional hour's driving.  The boys really, really wanted to go play there.  And it was the whole reason my Mom came at all!

 So we left.  And traffic hadn't cleared.  At all.  It was slow going.  But we made it.  We FINALLY made it to Ikea land!  Aaaaaaaaand, their play area closes at 7, which was 15 minutes away by then, and they weren't accepting any more kids.  Aaaaaaah!  My kids were SO upset.  Because it had taken us all day to get there, we wandered through anyway.  But Ikea is a lot less magical with all four of your kids, including a baby who hasn't slept more than 10 minutes and a three year old who thinks she should NOT have to sit in a cart, let me tell you!  I promised them we'd go again sometime.  Much earlier in the day!

That's right, we dangled by those cables you see!

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