Saturday, May 17, 2014

O.k. So this is just bizarre!

The neighbor Wyatt had sat Kieran down on the piano bench and Kieran was "playing" the piano.  Each time he'd bang out a few notes we'd all start clapping and cheering.  He kept looking at us like we were a bunch a weirdos. ;-) Anyway, one of those times he played a sequence that sounded just like the beginning to a real song.  I started trying to sing along, I couldn't remember the words though.  Brennan and Brian both identified the tune Kieran had "played" as the hymn "Testimony".  We thought that was pretty cool that he'd played something that sounded like a real song.  Then I thought about the fact that Brennan has been learning that song himself recently, and asked, "Wait, is that the music on the page right in front of Kieran?"  Yes.  It was.

Whoa.  Mind blown.

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