Sunday, April 20, 2014

Birthster Week… Eastday?

The week of birthdays and Easter has drawn to a close.  Whew!  Busy week.
Brennan turned 9 last Sunday!  As a special treat his Richardson cousins happened to be in town.  Woot woot!  He had a minecraft cake and received some clothes, a fun game/activity book, dollar coins and our old MP3 player that Brian and I haven’t used in years personalized with tunes he likes. 


Dear sweet Brennan.  Our first-born in the wilderness!  Brennan, your wonderful tender heart and desire to be good touch our hearts and those you associate with.  You have such a sweet testimony.  You care deeply about others, particularly those in unfortunate circumstances.  You worry about a lot of things, both for yourself and for others in general.  But this sensitivity and tenderness is also a blessing that allows you to sympathize with others and gives you a great desire to help and show compassion.  Brennan, Dad and I love you so much.  We’re so thankful to have you as part of our family!

No teeth…

Banana teeth!  
He LOVES bananas by the way.  He’d probably go on to eat more than one at a sitting (besides the cheerios, etc) if I let him!
My first ever french braid attempt on anyone.  I’m not sure I did it right.  It looks awkward.

Kieran photo-bomb.  Nice.


On Friday, to celebrate the two birthdays, we went to a waterpark in Eugene.  It’s a modest place – similar to what the Corvallis pool offers except this place in Eugene in indoors.  And their main attraction is the wave pool.  I didn’t take a single picture because even with Brian and I there,  Hollyn and Kieran were each their own full-time job and then some.  The boys had to fend for themselves, lol.  They entered, put on life-jackets and were bobbing in the middle of the waves before I’d even looked up from Hollyn!  And Asher, since last time he swam with a lifejacket, learned how to actually get places.  Last I knew he would be stuck floating wherever the water sent him.  So they had a great time!  We all did.  Hollyn wouldn’t listen/come/stay or do anything remotely obedient.  Naturally.  But since the older boys could be self sufficient that meant Brian could take her into the wave pool and (most importantly to her) down the slide a million times.  She sure loved that slide!  Oh brother.  She’s jump out of the pool and rush up those stairs before a lifeguard had a chance to yell “NO RUNNING!”  In the mean time Kieran and I hung out in the very shallow baby pool where he enjoyed cruising along the edge and meeting the other babies.

Going there after work meant missing dinner so by the time we left at almost 9pm were starving.  So we found an open restaurant and had an enjoyable if late meal where Brennan finally got to open his “real” birthday presents from us 6 days later and we officially wrapped up the celebrating of his birthday.


The next day our little turkey turned 3!  Amidst the Easter prep and celebrating she got her due attention.  As gifts she received a book, clothes, a princess costume, clothes, and more clothes.  Hahaha.  Girls are so fun to buy clothes for!  No, it was mostly because she needs them.  The hand-me-down situation gets tricky with a cousin only 6 months older than her.


Hollyn, oh Hollyn.  You are amazing.  You are so full of LIFE.  Of energy and spirit and busyness.  And yet around most others you’re so quiet and still.  The complexity of your personality is so fun.  You keep Dad and I very busy and I suspect you always will.  You’re loving and very cute!  We love you so very much.  Thank you for the spice you bring to our family and our lives.

Oh the awkward face!



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Kelly said...

I was so glad to see you! LOVED meeting Kieran now that he's old enough to have personality. What a darling boy!