Friday, January 31, 2014

♪♫ Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, Life Goes On, Ooooooon... ♫♪

This is from almost a week ago.  So he's gotten even more proficient at moving.  But this one makes me smile because he's trying SO hard to get the toy.

K's first highchair nap 1-27-14

Oh my gosh.  L♥ve!

Waiting for her appointment to have her blood drawn.  I've been going to this same office since 1996 and I don't remember a time when there WASN'T this empty dollhouse.  No furniture, dolls, nuthin'!  So it only took me 18 years to think to bring a couple of stuffed animals inside.  Bonus: getting to listen to the conversations between the two toys. I'm not sure who the characters were, (surely not a Mom and daughter), but one kept commanding "Time to go to bed!" and the other defied, "No!  No go to bed!" :-)

Due to bedroom rearranging the kids are rediscovering some toys they'd forgotten about.  But this especially made me smile.  I love that Hollyn thinks she's playing with her brothers - so she's happy - and the boys can just ignore her and play their own way.

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Kelly said...

Those were cute videos. I love to see babies rolling around on the floor. So cute!

Hollyn is so sweet. Was she shooting at her brothers? Funny!