Sunday, September 15, 2013

Change is Good, Unless it's Bad (J/K. A reference to my sister's recent post title).

Had a busy weekend.  Friday night was the ward BBQ, which was super fun.  It's my favorite ward party because it's outdoors and the kids can run around and play.  Parties in the church become rather a bother when you're afraid that your childrens' inevitable running and squealing is going to annoy the older people.  And it's loud and accidents happen and all that with a whole primary of kids running through all the tables.  Just much better to set them loose outside.

Saturday morning at 8am I took the boys with me to the Day of Service - I didn't really want to go but it was fun.  We could only stay for half an hour but Brennan didn't want to leave when it was time.  Complained about wishing he could stay and everything. :-)  I got home so Brian could leave right away for a pit orchestra rehearsal - he's participating in the community theater's Sound of Music production.  While he was still gone I loaded up all the kids for Brennan's first soccer game of the season.  Hollyn had a blast playing in the dirst, Kieran slept for half of it, and Asher enjoyed yelling "Go Brennan!  Run Brennan!  C'mon Padres!" and all that.  The opposing team snuck in a goal even though 99% of the game was spent near their goal.  Brennan almost got his first goal, but the ball died just barely shy of the line.  Bummer.  However, right at the final seconds of the game he kicked it clear of the other team which started a sequence of passing that ultimately allowed a fellow team member to make a goal.  So the game ended with a tie in the last second of the game, and I made sure Brennan knew he helped make that possible.

Immediately upon returning home from the game Grandpa Templeman picked up Brennan and Asher to take them to the Renaissance Faire.  How fun is that, right?  Unfortunately for Grandpa, the boys got tuckered out pretty fast so they weren't gone very long.  But they had fun.

As they arrived home I was on my way out the door to run errands, arrived home in time for a late dinner, got the kids in bed, followed by receiving a bishopric member in to receive a new calling.  And I am to be...

The Mia Maid adviser!  This will be really new for me.  I was scared enough to be the Ward Camp Director.  And I didn't end up going to camp (had just had Kieran), so I still felt/feel intimidated by the girls.  I don't know why, they're very nice - and I believe relatively drama-free - ladies.  But for some reason I've been rather scared of them.  With Brian as the Ward Executive Secretary he's part of the calling-deciding so he knew what I was going to be called to, saying he "immediately thought he could see me doing (and enjoying) it".  And through his poor ability to keep secrets from me I had a pretty good idea what was coming (just not the Mia Maid part).  As I spent the last week or two expecting a calling in YW I was feeling totally scared of the idea.  I used to be so jealous of everyone else being called to YW's, but the last couple of years I had a turn-around and felt relieved not to have that responsibility.  So I felt nervous and sort of unwanting of the impending calling.  But as we sat in the living room and the calling was issued I suddenly felt a complete disappearance of the my poor attitude.  As I said "yes", I felt excited and pleased about this challenge.  I'm still nervous about many aspects of this (like, I haven't taught anybody ever other than 1 short stint in primary, and nursery), but I am also feeling a peace that I can't explain and I'm totally excited to begin.


Kelly said...

Awesome news! You will find YW a little different than when we were in it. I personally love the format of the new curriculum. You know, I never talk to Jenny about our YW callings because her girls are just a lot older and more mature than mine, but we might have things to talk about. One of things that I love about teaching is the focused gospel study.

If you want something fun to read, visit the redhead hostess blog (I think you can just google that). I like it just to inspire me, although I think every teacher has to teach to THEIR students via the Holy Ghost and not copy ready made ideas that someone else used for their ward. She is cool and it helps me think about what I'm studying.

Kelly said...

PS - I also wanted to say that I've been reading Elder Packer's book "Teaching, No Greater Call" that is on the LDS app. It's given me some ideas for both home and church.