Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What We Learned About Batman

Batman 4-23-130001

Batman is the name of the little guy I’m lugging around.  Love the name?  You have Asher to thank for it.  This has been his one and only name suggestion since January when we found out the gender.  And he’s sticking with it.  Brian and I have gone with it for now, but if we’re not careful it may just end up on the birth certificate.  Asher wouldn’t give it a second thought because he really thinks we ARE keeping it. Smile

For the last couple of months my uterus has measured about 4 weeks ahead of schedule.  So, to check things I had an ultrasound yesterday.  My OB had told me that it could just be a lot of amniotic fluid, Or we may discover that he’s just a really big baby.  My due date wouldn’t have changed, but I’d be able to prepare myself for a 90th percentile-sized guy.  Gee. Thanks.

Anyway, we had the appointment, and learned lots of good stuff.  First of all, his measurements are right on par for my due date.  Whew!  And, he’s totally healthy and whole.  Definitely good to know and even better to have!  Although good views of baby are harder to have when they’re bigger, we learned that he has hair.  I can’t believe that shows up. 

Can you make out that picture above?  It’s a profile shot of his forehead, nose, and large pursing lips!  Hahaha.  When the ultrasound technician commented on his large lips Brian and I immediately made smiled eye contact.  I’ve been making fun of his large lips since before we were married.  And making it worse, Brian is a lip sticker-outer/purser by habit – when he’s on his computer or watching tv or whatever.  It makes me laugh that our little Batman already does this!  And here I thought it was a learned habit.  Must be genetic after all. Winking smile


Kelly said...

Love the name.
Love the lips.
Love it all!

Judi Stevenson said...

Cute. I'm thinking that Batman may stick even if it's not on the birth certificate :)