Monday, March 11, 2013

Knowledge is... Tasty!

Asher: "Mom, when I get married with my wife, I'm gonna be a little nervous 'cause I don't want to kiss!"

Knowledge is... Tasty

Remember last time I had to take the glucose test?  I blogged about it.  To sum up, when I was unable to hold down the "cola", my Dr. had me just eat a "nice, full meal" before my next visit.  Whaaaaat?!?! Ummm, yes please!

Well, this time around, since that Dr. no longer practices Obstetrics, I've had to relocate to the Clinic.  When it was time to schedule this 28 week visit, I asked about alternatives to the drink.  Turns out they allow a Jellybean method.  In this case you eat exactly 15 Brach's Jellybeans instead of the nasty, nauseating drink.  Boo-yeah!  When I checked in at the lab today, the employees were clearly less familiar with this technique.  The receptionist explained they do these like once a YEAR.  It's reserved for people with trouble taking the drink.  Uhhh, isn't that, like, everyone?  Don't we all HATE it?  So the moral of the story is, always ASK about your options.  They aren't always presented to you otherwise.

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Kelly said...

The quote from Asher is GOLD! Love the stuff that kid comes up with.

Congrats on the jelly bean dealio. That is awesome. And yeah, they should just do it for everyone. That drink is nasty.