Sunday, November 13, 2011

7 months next week

Hollyn has been funny when it's some to the milestone of sitting.  Just last week I was still saying that she was nowhere close to sitting by herself.  She has for a while now though gotten herself into a sudo sitting position by leaning on one hand while she chewed on things with the other.  Well, once yesterday and many times today I found her sitting the official way, all by herself.  What's funny to me is that she completely skipped that part where we practice and, without the dutiful attention of an adult, the constant tipping over.  She doesn't tip, but she also doesn't stay sitting for very long.  She'll sit for a couple seconds, then take off again.  She does it like a pro though.  From "nowhere close" to sitting like she's always done it - literally overnight.  What a silly girl!

She's starting to enjoy "solids" now, although it can take several tries before she'll tolerate a new flavor. 

Over the last month I started getting really worried about Hollyn.  It started with her spending time with her tongue hanging out and a sort of blank/uninterested look on her face.  Because it looked a little odd, I started realizing that her behavior was different.  She was often fussy (very unusual for her, as you know) and also stopped interacting with us as much as she had been.  I brought it up with her Dr. at her 6 month check and even at the appointment, she would look at me, but not smile back despite my efforts.  My Dr., who is great about following mothers' instincts, told me that we have several really good early-intervention facilities in our area and he would refer Hollyn for an assessment.  During that time, I was sick, but Hollyn didn't seem to have my symptoms, so I wasn't sure.  Well, not long after her appointment, she got those symptoms, and now seems totally back to normal.  All I can figure is that she spent like 3 weeks just not feeling terribly well.  I am SO relieved.  She is back to being happy, interactive, and her old self.

Hollyn is SO exploratory.  She makes her way to every corner, and even now into shelves where she's started pulling things out.  This girl won't allow herself to be held the typical way.  She doesn't necessarily fuss if you're carrying her, but she definitely won't let you hold her any usual or comfortable way.  She pushes herself away and twists her body to face the way she wants to face.  If you're sitting, good luck.  She will not snuggle, or even sit still unless she's tired enough to enter the zombie state.  Otherwise, she kicks, squirms, tries to grab your face, or pushes herself away.  She can't be bothered to just chill with a loved one.  She's got places to go, people to see.  It's so funny.  I love this busy girl.

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Kelly said...

So did you cancel that appointment? I'm glad it was just an illness - phew!

After two energetic boys, it makes me laugh that you followed that with an energetic girl!! At least she'll be able to keep up with the older kids. She's going to be one heck of a spitfire of a kid!