Sunday, July 3, 2011

About a Boy

I never did post about Asher’s birthday, or Brennan’s I think. *Sigh* I’m such a horrible mother. So, in honor of Asher’s approaching half-birthday on the 19th of this month, here’s a post just for him.

Asher, you are such a joy to raise. I have been smitten with you from the very first time I saw you with those big blue eyes and LONG eyelashes. You have the funnest personality ever. You laugh at so many things that we would never expect, like listening to the comedian Brian Regan in the car Smile.

You have been called an “artist” by different nursery teachers because you love to color. Currently, you are in to trying to write letters and you’re pretty good at several of them. You do however get VERY frustrated by your lack of ability to make things exactly as you want them (like a true artist!) If your letter or shape or picture isn’t just like the example or the way you expect it to be, you melt down into a tantrum because it “doesn’t match” or “isn’t right!” You also give similar reactions if someone tries to help you do something. If I ask you to do something, and Brennan does it first instead, you also have a tantrum then. As a little perfectionist, you like the world to be how you envision it and don’t settle for less.

Asher hand print0002(made by yourself in nursery today)

You love to play with your big brother and can keep up amazingly well with his pretend play. You have a great imagination. Recently I asked you about a scratch on your nose (Presumably received by your fingernail as you slept) and you answered, “some birds flew in through the window with their mouths and were getting my nose, and they ate it. That’s how I got the owie.” Another example is when I asked you to tell me a story and as I started for you “once upon a time…” you went on, “there was a little boy…” and ended up telling a great story about a monster stepping on the school and the little boy who saved the day.

You are the king of sound effects. Most of them are versions of “shhhh” but ironically you do them VERY loud. Keeping your “shhh’s” quiet during sacrament meeting is a challenge, as is keeping dry if you’re very close by when you do it. Winking smile

I love you so very much Asher. Dad and I are so very thankful for you and the joy (and spice) your add to our lives.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Asher January 2008 025IMG_1300P1010103OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         IMG_1904

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