Monday, June 6, 2011

So Blessed

Yesterday Hollyn was given a name and a blessing at church by Brian.  It was so wonderful to have 3 of my sisters with their families, plus my parents and inlaws there to support us in this special event.

I spent weeks looking for a dress for little Hollyn – a special one that she could pass on to her own some day – but had a lot of trouble finding something in the right size.  I finally settled on something online but it didn’t arrive in time.  Before heading to the beach Saturday morning, I ran over to a local new/consignment kid shop and settled on a used dress in size 12m as a backup.  Turns out I needed it, but as you can see in the pictures, she looks awfully sweet in it anyway and I’m very pleased with it.  Plus, if Hollyn has a fatso baby of her own she can still pass it on Winking smile.



Kelly said...

What a darling! I so wish we could have been there. I thought I was so smart coming to Oregon on a three-day weekend. ;-)

love you!

Ryan & Janna said...

a seriously cute little girl!