Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3 Weeks Old

Hollyn’s doing well these days.  Perking up for sure, and not sleeping quite as long sometimes.  I was just complaining to Brian that she had a “rough” day today because she would only sleep for 1-2 hour increments.  It’s funny because I remember complaining when Asher would only sleep for 5 minute increments.  I suppose an hour or two is nothing to sneeze at, but I’m not used to it at all.  I spent a lot of my day trying to get stuff done and feeling frustrated by having to occupy a newborn so much.  Newborns are not all that easy to occupy after all.  Anyway, she’s well, though less easy than previously.

Little Tidbits about Hollyn

Hollyn’s got some awesome muscle control.  One of the first things our Dr. said upon her arrival was how great her muscles are.  She does tummy-time pretty good and will last about 5 minutes before fussing about it.  We call Hollyn our “one-eyed bandit” because since birth we’ve often seen her with just one eye open.  It’s very cute.  The other day when Brian wanted to help Hollyn go to sleep he set her in her carseat next to the running dishwasher.  Apparently the sound knocked her right out Smile.  For a little while now Hollyn’s been rather consistent with her wake-up times at night.  It seems like she always wakes up at 4 and 7am.  The 7am time she wants to stay awake for a while.  Um, is my 3 week old seriously on a schedule?



Some Fun with Asher


A couple weeks ago I was taking some pictures of the couch in case I was going to post it for sale.  Brennan really wanted to be in them.



Kelly said...

Sounds as though you have a perfect baby. Jealous!!!

What a cutie. Can't wait to meet her in person!

Kelly said...

Hmmm. I thought I had commented already. Maybe I just told Josh my comment.

Heather, she is beautiful! I love her dark hair and squishy little face. Can't WAIT to see her. Why can Brian's parents not come out when it is convenient to me? Why??? :-)

love you!!!