Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Asher's Speech Continues...

I love the way Asher has learned to talk. He just jumped right in to full sentences, so that most of what he says is a regular phrase, but it's still mixed with fillers or words that are wrong. Until recently ALL beverages were "milk" but he added "juice" in finally. Still, when he accidentally got splashed yesterday by a wet item being emptied from the dishwasher he complained about getting hit with milk. And when we pass horses or cows he cries, "Look, Moo's!" On the other hand, he likes to ask me while we're driving, "You buckled, Mom?" and spurts out all sorts of concept-based phrases which I can never remember when I'm writing these.

Asher is HUGE into the "me-do-it" phase. If it can be done at all, (and often when it can't) HE's going to be the one to do it. I'm a lot more patient with him than I was with Brennan in a lot of ways. For the most part, I indulge Asher his wishes because he actually does a great job. He knows how to get his clothes on the correct way, and is always MORE than happy to get his socks and shoes on. Yesterday I noticed him trying to hold the door open for Brian and I... so cute!

Some down-sides though are that Asher thinks it's his right to remove his diaper any time he wants to, and it's a BATTLE to get him in to his carseat because he wants to play around the car first, then demands he gets himself into and buckled up in his seat. Obviously, coming and going are those times when time is of the essence, so "me-do-it" competes with Mom-do-it" quite a bit.

I think I'm going to have a problem potty-training Asher. Here's the awesome part: Asher LOVES sitting on the toilet. Any chance he gets, he'll strip that diaper and sit down. He loves to grab a small piece of toilet paper, throw it in, and flush, followed by his other favorite activity: washing hands. However, the problem is that he thinks it's a 4 second-long game. He is so darned used to playing it that I can't get him to sit for more than about 30 seconds. He has never once actually produced any potty for the toilet, although he thinks he does every time he's sitting down. I tried one day a few weeks ago to have him bare-bottomed and I set him on the potty every few minutes (since he wouldn't stay on). He peed all over the dining room chair he was standing on anyway. I originally thought I'd try to have my next (after Brennan) child potty-trained around 2 years old, or sooner if I could swing it. Then I decided I really didn't care. Changing diapers really isn't that big a deal, and you never have to worry about accidents in difficult places or at inopportune times. I've noticed for a while though that Asher seems ready in many ways and I think he could actually do it... if I could only figure out a way to make it a little less of a game.

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Beckstead Family said...

One of the methods Kelly told me about was to sit them on a training potty in front of a movie (if your kids will sit through one!) and ply them with lots of liquids during. That should hopefully give them plenty of opportunity to have a success.

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