Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brian Turned Twenty-Something

Last Sunday was Brian's birthday. I hope he had a nice day. My Corvallis family members were all able to stop by for dessert and presents, so that was pretty cool. Brian received from the boys a box of Lego's (which I swear since I've known him Brian has frequently talked about how much he wanted Lego's to play with his kids), and from me an electric skillet, and some kitchen utensils including a nicer-type chef's knife. It was sort of last minute because his birthday gift had originally been the dog, so I didn't have enough time to get some sort of stinkin' awesome gift. However, I think he likes the kitchen/cooking stuff... the only night he had off this week is tomorrow, and he's already volunteered to make dinner.

Brian, you are the most wonderful man--far surpassing my growing-up fantasies of my future husband. You are such a great husband and father. I feel so blessed to have you as my example and forever sweetheart. I love you SO much! Happy Birthday.

O.k. I admit, I didn't go to a whole lot of effort to find the *perfect* photos. These are the ones that happen to be near the computer, and I scanned them in.

Baby Brian, 2 days old

Taken as a practice by a fellow trainee at Bell Photographers, summer 2003

Brian on mission

Fall 2003, holding neice

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Sarah said...

Happy birthday Brian! Souns like a fun day, hope y'all are doing well!