Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Dying Easter eggs the night before. Devon came and helped us out. Brennan had a lot of fun, althoug his lack of patience showed. One kit came with sponges and paints, which he ejoyed quite a bit and gave his eggs the vibrant color that his quick-dying jobs didn't produce.

We had a really great Easter this year. Last Thursday we had a Family Home Evening and made some Easter Cookies. I've never done them, or even seen them done, before, but it was pretty neat. Each ingredient or action represents something from the story of The Savior's death and resurrection. I showed Brennan pictures and had a hands-on visual for him to help us out. It was pretty fun.

I also talked to Brennan a little about the Easter Bunny when he came across the baskets and plastic eggs I'd gotten out. With an explanation in mind, Brennan began playing "Easter Bunny" by telling me to go to sleep. He would then hide the eggs all over the living room, including in my lap, then wake me up. Before I could say anything he'd start pointing and shriek, "Look! There's an Easter egg!" and "Look! There's another one!" Asher liked this game too because he found the eggs quite fascinating. After a while I put some raisins inside some eggs which Asher found to be REALLY cool.

Easter morning was a bit of a rush, since we have 9am church, and almost never make it there on time as it is. There's a video that we got, but it was cut short by the the camera's card being full. Nothing happened after that though. Brian immediately left to copy the bulletin at church, and I got the kids ready and left. It wasn't until after we got home from church and had eaten lunch and put Asher down for his nap that I had Brennan hunt down all the eggs. He was more interested in eating the candy from the eggs he'd already found than looking for more.

We had a yummy dinner at Mom and Dad's with Shannon, Bryan, and Devon. It was fun to hang out with family, even if I see them all pretty regularly anyway. It was nice to see 'em all at the same time, I guess.

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Kelly said...

Fun!! can't wait to see the video. Did you see mine of Kenna?

Love ya!!