Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes, We're Still Here

I'd like to apologize to all (probably none) of you who have been waiting with anxious anticipation for some sort of update in the last few weeks. I've been gone. And by gone, I mean a friend of mine loaned me the first two Twilight books the other day, and no one has seen or heard from me since. Sadly, I finished the 2nd one last night, and I'm in serious withdrawls today because I don't have the next one. I tried getting Devon to just tell me how it all ends, but she wouldn't. Hmph! See if I ever have her babysit again. Oh, wait...

I've got some serious catching up to do on this thing though. I've been enjoying this break from school a little two much. When you try to squeeze into one month all the tasks you've both needed and wanted to do over the last few years (including doing "nothing at all"), the time really flies.

I just remembered that the reason I haven't caught up on Christmas and such is because all the photos during our Idaho trip were uploaded to Brian's laptop, so I'll have to update in reverse order until I get those pics I guess.

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Ang said...

...And you're welcome. I did warn you, if you recall! :^) Glad you were able to surface - that's very impressive.