Friday, July 11, 2008


Asher is really developing a distinctive personality. It's fun to see it emerging. One thing about him is that he does not want to sit. And I'm talking about on a lap or anywhere: the position of sitting itself. He'll last a few minutes tops, if at all, before he starts stretching out into a straight position. And man is he strong. I'll try to bend him back into a sitting position but it's a no-go.

It's kind of funny really. At church on Sunday I was trying to hold him while I dealt with Brennan (Brian had to work that day so I was alone with the boys). Asher was just refusing to sit. A friend of mine who's the ward "baby holder" came up to me and asked to take Asher. Apparently it even looked like a struggle.

Asher doens't settle for laying down either. Man can this kid to crunches! If you lay him on his back he'll lift his head up so that he's looking towards his feet. It doesn't look comfortable in the least, but he'll hold it that way or a good 10 seconds, rest his head down for about 1 or 2 seconds, then start his cruches over again. It makes everybody laugh. He just wants to stand, I guess. Brennan walked at 9 months, maybe Asher will beat him!

Asher is a roller though, which Brennan was not. Brennan eventually did learn how to roll from tummy to back, but not consistently until he was pretty old it seems. I don't remember when he learned to roll from back to tummy because he didn't do it, even if he could. Not interested in being on him tummy in the slightest. Asher is getting much better with tummy-time where he'll sometimes spend several whole minutes before rolling over. He also can roll from back to tummy, but he doesn't follow through. (Like Brenan, not interested in hanging out on his tummy). He'll go just as far as he needs to to reach a toy.

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