Friday, October 12, 2007

Some Styles Never Go Away

Yesterday morning I went outside to carry the recycling to the curb. Brennan followed me out and ran around in the wet grass in the mean time. He joined me back inside to "help Mama" work on the bike, and as he settled down next to me I noticed his shoes were dirty with grass clippings and mud. I told Brennan he needed to take off his shoes because they were wet and dirty.

I little while later as I went to put those shoes away for him, I noticed the "grass clippings and mud" weren't exactly what I thought they were.... Can you tell what it is?

That's right, Brennan had managed to pick up a snake skin on his shoe. Yuck! You know, besides the grass, Brennan plays in the bushes too. I wonder how long he's been playing among snakes!

I guess this makes Brennan more fashionable than me... I've never owned a pair of snake-skin shoes!

And just because I'm obsessed with my little guy, here's some more pictures:

We had some indoor picnics a few days ago, which Brennan quite enjoyed.

I caught him playing in his closet... what a goof-ball! (Yes the floor of his closet is our "storage room." As far as he's concerned though, plastic bins make a good chair.)


Sarah said...

He is so cute! And the snake skin is totally gross, atleast it was just the skin!

Kristy said...

You crack me up, Hez. I love to read glimpses of your sense of humor that I know and love. And what a handsome little man you have! I'm anxious to see how #2 will turn out. Everything going okay?