Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brennan had a fun time at his birthday party. The kids played in the play room at the complex's community building. They all participated in a painting/coloring/sticker project, ate lunch, and got a goodie bag to take home. I can't believe that Brennan is 2 now! He's growing so fast!
At Brennan's 2 year Dr. appointment we discussed Brennan's frequent facial/body rashes. Our Dr. told us it looks like Brennan's got a food allergy of some sort. I was told to test out a few things to find the culprit, so I started with the most common one - milk. We've had a hard time cutting out dairy, especially Brennan's favorite food, cheese. His rash is almost gone now though, so he may indeed be allergic to dairy. That would make me sad, but it could be worse. I hear there's substitutes like non-dairy cheese, butter, yogurt, etc... though I have yet to find any in the stores I shop at.

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Kristy said...

I think I would break out into a rash if I DIDN'T eat cheese or dairy! Poor Brennan. Oh well. Looks like he had fun at his birhtday party. And that cake you made Hez is totally awesome!!